Whole Halves

I’m in love with this.



My name is George. I am Iwa the writer and rapper.

This is a blog dedicated to the genre of music that I love and live. I have a rough image of what I hope it will become (along with my grander dreams of becoming a rapper, but more on this later) but for now let us indulge each other in my lyrics and, hopefully, in some of yours too.

So here is to deeper hip hop.

This first piece was inspired by Chris Brown’s and Kendrick Lamar’s “Autumn Leaves”. It’s goes with the beat in the place of Chris Brown’s part and cuts of before Kendrick starts.


Have you hurt enough to ask me what I know about pain?
Are you out of your mind enough to call me insane.
Are you immune to the fire enough to douse my flames.
Have you escaped your ghosts…

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